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The biggest quality of Argentina for me is that feeling of sharing a meal. And that is the true reason to eat and drink something delicious. [It] is to share. For me, it is the only reason.

Francis Mallmann  - Argentine Most Renowned Chef - Excerpt Interview With Authentic Food Quest

What People Are Saying:

  • Sue Reddel

    Co-Founder of Food Travelist 

    I'm booking my travel to Argentina right now! I've traveled to many countries and experienced culinary delights around the world. Sadly, the Argentina stamp has not been added to my passport, yet. This book highlights so many intriguing local dishes, wines, beers, markets, festivals, street food, food tours and classes I can't wait to get there. Plus there are terrific traveler tips for the region that will make the journey so much more fun and easier to plan. This is truly a wonderful foodies guide to Argentina. 

  • Jess

    Founder Longest Bus Ride

    I would call this book: My Food Guide to Argentina. This book is perfect for trip planning! It describes the foods and where each can be found, down to region and shop or market type. I also like the sections 'Unique produce', 'How to eat and shop like a local', and 'Unique culinary experiences', giving insight into the local food culture.
    I imagine the book is also great for reminiscing on a past trip to Argentina, as some foods are described in detail.
    So many useful tips and good food information!

How To Create Your Most Delicious And Memorable Trip To Argentina

Are you looking for a delicious and authentic experience of Argentina?

In this book you will find: 
  1. Over 50 iconic dishes and drinks and what makes them special to Argentina
  2. Where to find authentic restaurants and avoid the tourist traps
  3. How to order and eat your beef the Argentine way
  4. Street foods to sample and eat like a local
  5. The best local food, wine and beer festivals to attend
  6. Tips to stay fit and healthy on your travels to Argentina

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